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Posted by Gladys Brierley on May 26, 2016 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (39)

I want to address the area of unsolved homicides.

It is important to not interfer with the active investigation of law enforcement but also it is very important not to let the case grow very cold if you can help it.  I was called to investigate one case of a high profile local citizen who was murdered in his home. I made the mistake of not taking the case early on because I wanted to give the local law enforcement a chance to investigate.  As a result valuable evidence was lost, the crime scene was compromised and the case grew colder until the next time I was contacted.    

Family members and friends often know if they need outside help depending on their confidence in local law enforcement.   If the law enforcement has overlooked evidence later found by the family or allowed a crime scene to be compromised or just are not doing a thorough job it is important for the family to act as quickly as possible. Unfortunately at times local police or deputies are uncertified, not properly trained or interested in getting to the truth for a variety of reasons.  This is very unfortunate but true.  The suspect could be a confidential informant, a relative of someone of influence in the community, or  the victim may not be important enough to the community [although obviously very important to the family] for the local law enforcement agency to spend time, money and resources on the case.

A private investigator does not have these limitations or motivations as his or her job is to get to the truth and to uncover every hidden thing, digging and asking questions at every turn.  

It is not impossible to work a case that has grown very cold and sometimes there could be some advantages as some people are more apt to to respond to questions when they feel that time and danger has passed.

Recollections are obviously not as accurate in detail with some people needing to be interviewed but then you may have more people available to corrobate details.


Posted by Gladys Brierley on August 24, 2014 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (50)

glad4jc@gmail.com   601-480-3181

Cult Investigations & Human trafficking investigations really are often one and the same.  We use to see them separately because we were concentrating on cults being religious.
Sometimes they are and those can be very deadly.  Here is a list of warning signs you should look for in a cult and we will be happy to assist you with a more complete picture once we are retained and working with you and your family to regain your loved one back to sanity and safety:

Cult Members are discouraged from association with members who leave the cult and or unsupportive family and friends.  Cult members are told to shun, disassociate with former members accusing those who left as being away from God, in sin, or negative .  

Cult leader demands and members stress absolute loyalty to the leader and to a lesser extent, key people.

Cult leader selects spys to hover over and infiltrate members, and former members.

Cult leader lets others do the "dirty work" but is directly influencing behind the scenes.

Cult leader especially targets members, families, and even former members who have assets.  Those assets could be land, money, possessions, influence, relationships to others who may possess the same.

Cult leaders control money, access and activities of all but the very close loyal subjects.

Cult leaders use front people to win new members by sending out those people who are affable and can mix in new communities with favor.  Men and women or young people are used to draw in the new members by paying constant attention to them.  One situation I have observed is the use of social networking and or texting to completely control the time and energy of someone who is being groomed for membership in the inner circle.  Additionally members of the opposite sex are encouaged to spend hours  a day and night on the phone or in person visiting targets causing confusion about the real motives.

Cult leaders are notorious for praising their targets with flattery at one moment then shooting them down and criticizing the next.  Members and targets alike are meant to feel unstable and not secure about their standing and acceptance in the group.

The goal is domination and subjugation and to force someone into compliance there is constant manipulation and emotional curve balls thrown at the targets.
THE LOVE BUG everyone is always saying  "I love you
Isolation from family and old friends 
Fasting & Praying, Late night or all night spiritual activity after working all day
Food Deprivation while the cult leader enjoys eating every day
No TV or Radio access only Christian music approved of by cult leader although he may watch TV and listen to the radio
No conversations by phone, social media or online that the cult leader is not privy to and controlling
Limited access to the public, cult members are kept away from the public in general unless they are doing ministry and then they are closely watched by the cult leader and other members
Not allowed to visit outside the cult or close allies of the cult and are strongly rebuked for speaking or visiting with anyone outside
Type of clothing is controlled sometimes plain or dull appearance is encouraged
False doctrines are not disussed with outsiders so cult leader can hide this from new inductees
Non Christian books are discouraged and some cult leaders only allow books they approve of
Cult members are told they are working for God and then they don't get paid so they have no way to have independence, get away, buy their own clothes or personal care products.
Cult members are forced to depend upon the cult leader or his resources for all their needs.
Cult members are not allowed to own cell phones, laptops or other electronic devices as they must be shared with others as the cult leader sees fit.
Cult members are often not allowed to marry, only marry inside the group with the cult leaders approval and confirmation from his god
Cult members marriages are sometimes broke up, and cult members are reassigned to other spouses, to the cult leader himself or celibacy
Cult members may experience years of celibacy because the cult leader has not found anyone suitable to marry his members resulting in a loss of family life for cult members
Cult members children become part of the cult and they must answer to a variety of adults espcially the cult leader
Cult leader claims he is above the accountability of the group and accountable to no one but God and often gets "messages" from God for cult members
Cult leaders teach cult members that outsiders are the enemy and anyone who questions the cult is told that it is the devil in them or the devil and that they are in rebellion against God.
Cult leader does not tolerate anyone questioning his authority inside the cult and outside the cult, members are encouraged to question, stalk, bully and intimidate anyone outside the cult or those who leave the cult
For those who try leave the cult, the cult leader will use all forms of brainwashing techniques implemented by all the cult members, intimidation, shame, guilt, the love bug, continued contact by group members and or the leader and his cronies to regain control over the member who is trying to leave or who has left.
Gang Stalking of members is very widespread.  

People who are old, fragile or have money and assets are handled with the love bug and overwhelming force by the cult members who appear to be full of love for the intended target.  After the target is won over there will be increasing abuse of the target to insure control is maintained.  The target will be in a state of confusion and unable to defend him or herself as the money and assets are slowly drained and or turned over to the cult leader.
There are other areas of concern as well but I hope this helps someone.  If you need an investigation conducted please email us at  glad4jc@gmail.com or call us at 601-480-3181


Posted by Gladys Brierley on May 27, 2014 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (64)

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 It is a good idea to investigative your potential pastor or church staff before you hire them.  A simple background check online, county record check and interviewing references is a good way to begin.  

Unfortunately most people are too trusting and hire pastors and or church staff without a real thorough investigation into their background.  Problems occur later because these persons are con artists, pedophiles, theives or womanizers as well as control freaks and generally inept at caring for the sheep.  There are stories of pastors and staff running away with peoples investments, life long savings, running off with someone's wife and molesting someone's children.  These situations can not always be predicted or prevented but in many cases a church can avoid these type of problems in the future if they take a little time and money to weed out the bad apples.

Some of the things to look for.  Does this person have financial stability?  That does not mean that they are wealthy just that they do their best to pay their bills and not live above their means. I had one so called pastor tell me he was debt free when in fact he had was about to lose everything due to non payment of property and revenue taxes. Another guy in the same area came into town quoting the Bible without looking at it, got all the peoples money and ran off with it after he accumulated what he wanted.

Are they willing to share challenges or problems they have had in their ministry and how they have overcome them?  Do they tell the truth or exaggerate their accomplishments?  Are they operating in a spirit of accountability with others in their lives. Who do they talk to?  Does that person have any credentials?  Can they prove this?  Who are they in relationship with?  Can you verify it?

 How is their marriage if they are married.  Do they seem to have a stable family? Do they lord over their spouse or is it a partnership?  What is their education level, credentials can they be verified?  Do they come with recommendations from other ministers that your church knows.

 What is their belief system?  Do they hold closely to your churches belief system? Do they adhere to the basic tenets of the Christian faith?  
What is their vision for church growth?  What is their life mission?  Are they realistic about their strengths and weaknesses.  How did they exit their last church, or ministry?  Were there conflicts and how did they resolve them.  Do they have any proof of this?  If they have had setbacks or challenges in ministry how did they resolve them?

These are some of the examples to be thinking about when you are hiring a new church pastor or staff person.  If you have already hired them and you have genuine concerns but no proof of serious moral or other issues then you still may want to hire an investigator to do a background check, and possibly surveillance if you suspect some improprieities.  This is a very sensitive and serious issue that Accurate Investigations, LLC cares about for any church family that finds itself in this position.

Please feel free to call 601-480-3181 for a confidential interview.
Or email us at  glad4jc@gmail.com

Adultery Is Still A Crime in Mississippi

Posted by Gladys Brierley on April 28, 2014 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (42)


In 2008, Chrissy Strickland successfully sued Melissa Simmons in Lowndes County Chancery Court for "alienation of affections" and was awarded $87,500, $30,000 in attorney fees and $500 in punitive damages.

Strickland''s husband, Chuck, cheated with Simmons, and it interfered with his ability to fulfill his legal spousal duties, according to court documents.

Still, other than a high-profile case of the same nature filed against the mistress of former Mississippi Congressman Chip Pickering, even the alienation of affection law is rarely used.



Read more: http://www.cdispatch.com/news/article.asp?aid=6979#ixzz30EKRC7HC

As of 2010 although few law enforcement officers are going to enforce those laws.  This is why it is important that you get evidence of adultery or cohabitation.  In Mississippi you can still sue the third party for alienation of affection.

Your Child Custody Case Investigation

Posted by Gladys Brierley on April 9, 2014 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (1)

It is so important that you plan to win in court and not just wait till the last minute before going to court and then realize or decide that you need hard evidence.  It is my experience that in most of the unplanned last minute surveillance cases there is not enough time or options for the proper investigation.  Either get the court date moved up once you know you need more evidence or hire someone as quickly as possible.

People are going to curtail some of their incriminating activities when they are getting close to a court date especially when its the big one where the judge is going to make a call.  If you have to wait to the last minute then budget for two investigators at least so they can watch the subject from morning to night and follow with relative caution.  GPS tracking is usually advisable when you don't know what that other party is up to or where they are going or who they are going with etc.  Sometimes the subject has access to two vehicles then you need two tracking devices if you have just a few short days and nights this could make all the difference in your case.

I have found that some people have unreasonable expectations, want the Investigator to go to the door early in a surveillance which usually makes the subject suspicious so close to a court date.  It is much better to let the private investigator guide you and do what he or she does best then to push them for results which only end up backfiring and ruining your chances of catching on video some illegal or inappropriate behavior.

If you absolutely cannot help that you are running out of time because of finances and or being advised by your attorney that you do not have enough evidence to win custody then let your private investigator help you choose the most economical and efficient way to utilitze the little time you have left instead of trying to direct the investigation yourself.  However please give your investigator all the information they need, even the least bit of information may open up a good opportunity to video.

An example of this is to notify your investigator that the subject often smokes on the porch, or lets the kids run butt naked outside in front of neighbors, or lets small children run in the neighborhood without adult supervision.  Keep in mind a private investigator has YOUR permission to video tape the children when necessary but not the otehr parents.  This must be done to a minimum and with discretion as everyone tends to get concerned if they see children being video taped or watched too closely by a stranger, especially a male.  No one is legally allowed to video tape or take pictures of children undressed.  If this happens your investigator may notify you but will and should not take pictures because that is against federal law.

If a private investigator has taken your case it probably means they believe in you.  They believe you are a fit and better parent than the subject and will work hard to fight for you.
There is nothing they can do if you won't listen and do things that are harmful to your case.  You have to trust your investigator to look out for your childrens' best interest as well as your concerns.

Evidence is often saved for the attorney as it is protected under the work product guidlelines.  This means that usually the other side's legal counsel cannot demand your investigators complete file but only what your attorney is presenting for discovery.  Keep this in mind.  Please do not ask your attorney for evidence that should only be presented in court and then tell the other side what you have, this ruins your element of surprise in court and may subject you and or your private investigator to be subpeonaed for all their notes, video, pictures and even areas of investigation that may not be favorable to you.

Some of the things a private investigator cannot legally do is wire tapping that is against federal law.  Only conversations that are held in public places where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy or where the investigator is party to the conversation in a one party state can be audio taped.  No private investigator can legally obtain cell phone records so don't ask.  Howevrer you may obtain them if you share the phone service and or phone.  Also your attorney may subpeona them.  If you have phone numbers that you suspect are incriminating you or your private investigator can research them and find out who the carrier is and what city it is out of in most cases and in some cases the owner of the phone if it is a landline and or contractual service cell.

 Also there are legal ways to learn many things in an investigation so a good private investigator is never going to suggest anything or do anything that will jeaopardize the judge's ruling against you or get you arrested
I hope this helps some of you better understand the role of a private investigator in yoru child custody investigation.  Please call me at 601-480-3181 or email me at glad4jc@gmail.com

Internet Catfish Online Impersonation

Posted by Gladys Brierley on March 12, 2013 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Imagine you are on the other side of the world and meet someone in an online chat room, FaceBook or online gaming.  This person seems to be just perfect for you and has so many similiar interests, they send you pictures, tell you their web cam is broken or their phone doesn't have a camera, travel all the time, and want you to text or talk all day and all night.  He or she  may send you pictures from events attended or with other friends.  You feel alive when you are texting, or talking.

 Did you know there are very cheap voice changers?  There are people who are very clever at online impersonation.  Some do it for the thrill, some do it for monetary gain and others do it for sinister reasons such as criminal enterprises, identity theft, preying on your children, grooming you for a meet up that could cost you your life, or a school project.

A clever person or group of people will keep you so off balance you may start questioning your own good judgment.  This person may "enlist" others or a different version of him or herself to continue to string you along.  

Accurate Investigations has experience working with clients who have been victimized by online impersonation which is also known as Internet Catfish.  Before you get into an emotional and financial mess, call us and we will assist you in securing the truth about the person you are getting involved with.  Remember these predators are very skilled and often have no conscience as well as are potential dangerous to your emotions, finances and life.

Give us a call and we will assist you and don't worry about feeling ashamed or like you have been foolish as many people are being victimized because they are good people, want to see the best in others and trust people.  It is NOT your fault that someone else is a fake, or impersonator.  
601-480-3181  glad4jc@gmail.com


Posted by Gladys Brierley on February 3, 2013 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (13)

I am not a lawyer but I do a fair amount of child custody cases. If I assess a situation where a potential client comes to me with false allegations, vindictiveness or no legitimate reason I can see or believe to limit the other parties access to children, I refuse the case. I have counseled clients to work with the other party as much as possible on the issue of their children. Children suffer so much when they cannot spend equal time or as much time as they need or want to with the both of their parents.

Except in the case of abuse or active addiction, I see no reason why children should not have access to both parents. Usually this comes down to power, control and money. These have NO PLACE in the health and well being of children except that the children should understand both Mommy and Daddy have equal authority and that both will provide for them to the best of their ability. It is so bad for children to know that one or the other parent has to "obey" the other parent in order to have access to their children. Sure the court made the ruling but the children often don't understand this, they somehow know that the custodial parent could let them see the other more often if they wanted to. If parents only knew how in most cases with holding a child from another parent without serious case will damage their children for life, maybe they would care. We have wounded, damaged people having children who use them as pawns to act out their own frustrations or anger from their own childhood.

I promote shared legal and physical custody and for healthy parents to be encouraged to work together by the courts. I am also for mediation where people have to work out their differences in counseling and only in rare situations have to fight in court for the safety or well being of their children. As a private investigator I believe no judge should rip any child away from shared custody unless there is hard evidence of abuse or addiction. Even adulterers have rights to parent their children in as close as possible to the way they did when the family lived together. It is not legal or healthy in Mississippi for one parent to bring in any 3rd parties for any overnight stay or intimacies in the presence of the children.    I am passionate for children. This is still frowned up by judges and will give you an edge for better terms of custody if we help you prove cohabitation of any kind in the presence of the children. 

Gladys Brierley
Accurate Investigations, LLC
email  glad4jc@gmail.com


Posted by Gladys Brierley on January 4, 2012 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

There are attorneys out there that will take your money, do just enough to say they represented you, and you will end up losing your case, your children, assets and or freedom.

The best attorneys are those who welcome a reference check, are willing to give you a free consultation and listen to your concerns. They are also willing to be honest with you before you pay them as to what type of battle you are facing.  The best lawyers will welcome a private investigator's findings as part of what is considered for discovery and also are willing to touch base with your PI to offer guidance and or restrictions based upon the law.  If you call on a law firm and ask for these criteria to be  met then run as fast as you can.  

From what I have seen of the courts in Mississippi the lower court judges take license in how they interpret the laws, appellate courts often rule in favor of lower courts as state higher courts tend to be conservative.

 Once you have lost your lower court case, it becomes more expensive and an upward battle, not impossible to win but why not present more evidence in the first place and get the best representation you can.

 When judges have hard evidence in front of them such as video, pictures, taped interviews, background reports, impeachment issues it is harder for them to rule in favor of one sex or the other, or for a family friend.  Yes judges are suppose to recuse themselves if they have a conflict of interest but often they do not believe they have a conflict, they try to convince themselves that they are above that, or can manage their bias.

One more thing you may want to consider is changing your attorney if you lose the first round at the lower court.  A new attorney offers a fresh look and can find mistakes and things that were overlooked by the first attorney and the new attorney does not have anything to clean up so to speak and if you stay with the same attorney in most cases you are going to get the same results.

We can help you vet an attorney and offer our best professional opinion on the track record and competency of an attorney you are considering.

 We also have attorneys we have worked with and can assist you with a referral.  Most of the time it is best to hire a private investigator first and begin to gather evidence so you have some hard facts to bring to your attorney, in some cases it is best to hire both at the same time so as to have more cohesion in cases which are sensitive and require the collaboration immediately.


Posted by Gladys Brierley on December 7, 2011 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (18)

People who are already struggling with substance abuse, those who tend to lose their patience and abuse their children, or people who are cheating or gambling tend to accelerate their behaviors at the holiday season.  

Stress at holidays in general brings out the worst in an already bad situation.  This is a good time to be checking phone records if you have legal access, checking online activity and conducting surveillance.  People tend to gamble more and misuse drugs and or alcohol.

At Accurate Investigations, LLC we keep your priorities in mind, we devise a strategy with you to accomplish your goals, reach your objectives and get to the truth.  Sometimes it is hard to believe that a spouse who you have been married to for many years has gone off the deep end in an illicit relationship, substance abuse, gambling or losing their temper with your children or at the very worse allowing a boyfriend or husband to molest your precious children.

Please give us a call and we will assist you during this holiday season.  Your distressful situation is our concern and we will do our best to get the evidence you need for court, or to work on a plan of therapy to repair your marriage.

Contact Gladys at glad4jc@gmail.com or call 601-683-2094

The Phony Consumer Report Beware of Extortionists

Posted by Gladys Brierley on November 15, 2011 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (14)

There are some so called consumer complaint web sites which are basically embezzlement sites.  They will tell you that you cannot pay to get erroneous or phony or retalitary reports off their web site.  They tell you though you can pay an independent arbitrator some $2000  or more per report and agreements and negotiations can be made, but they NEVER take it off their site.

 What happens if the poster who complained is not a client, consumer or customer but a criminal who was investigated, or a bad pervert who was caught, or some competition wishing to retaliate.  I have not found one credible person to be on these complaints for the most part, except for the publicly known criminals which are later arrested and prosecuted.  Often times it is those very own criminals who post the herrandous lies about good business people and companies.  

These sites are  nothing like REAL CONSUMER REPORTS which interviews both sides and presents a fair finding of their own volition not because someone is paying them advertising or not because they are getting kick backs..

The best way to evaluate a PI's credibiity is the same way you would assess a medical doctor, lawyer or a good restuarant or any other professional or company.  Check out what the other clients or  consumers are saying on their web site, call references, give them a little business and see how they handle your confidentiality and do they behave in a compassionate professional manner.  Choose someone who cares about your needs and concerns and not only focused on money.  If they are not wiling to give you a complimentary phone or in person interview they probably are not going to give you any real feedback or interaction about your case.
Don't believe everything you read on the internet, and also trust your instincts.



Posted by Gladys Brierley on July 11, 2011 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Call 601-480-3181 cell or email glad4jc@gmail.com

You have been arrested or are about to be arrested, what do you do?  Retain an attorney and a private investigator.  A good attorney will want your case to be investigated,express concern if your potential or current attorney does not seem motivated to use a private investigator.

I cannot tell you how many times I have talked to clients after they took a plea or were convicted and their attorney did not put on character witnesses, object reasonably to evidence or witnesses or fight for the client to have the best possible defense.  I know some good attorneys but unfortunately just like anyone else out there bad attorneys with or incompetent attorneys exist.

 You are paying your attorney.  If you were paying a doctor and he was giving you prescriptions that were not working or treatment for an illness you didn't have would you keep paying him or her.  The same is true for attorneys, get a good one, interview them, ask them for references, ask them how long they have been practicing and what their success rate is in getting a good deal for pleas or getting their clients acquitted.  Don't use a generalist or someone whose speciality is in another field just because your aunty used him or her several times, you need an excellent criminal defense attorney.

Sometimes law firms will employ their own investigators, and if they specialize in criminal law they ought to be more than paralegals or secretaries, the person investigating your case should have experience investigating.

Often though you will need to hire your own Private Investigator.  Set up an interview, if the PI is not willing to meet personally with you and give you an hour of their time as a courtesy then look elsewhere.  Run from any PI who brags too much, who does not listen to your version of the situation and who is not willing to get out there and investigate, talking to all potential witnesses, and digging.  Make sure the PI is not buddies with the local sheriff or police who arrested you.   Be willing to pay your investigator because what they uncover will be invaluable to your attorney and may save your life, keep you out of jail or mitigate the damages.

A good PI should be able to give you references of cases he or she has worked on, even if they are not criminal cases, someone who can vouch for his honesty and diligence and also a professional reference of someone who has known him or her for a long time.  Don't just grab someone who has a shiny new office, car or web site.  Spend a little time on the phone with them and set up a meeting.  If a PI is not willing to prove himself or herself a little before talking money you are probably already in trouble.

Never assume because you are innocent, the case is a slam dunk, innocent people go to prison or jail every day.  Strange things happen, people get framed, law enforcement is trying to close a case due to public or political pressure, your circumstances look bad and the cops really believe you did it, and so on.  Get the best possible team together to make sure you get a legal and fair defense which is your right under the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

If you have already been convicted, all is not lost, but think carefully about your appeal.  Did your attorney do the very best he or she could do for you, and there are just some appellate points due to the other side or judicial decisions?  If you believe in your attorney but in some cases it is time to get another attorney who has experience in appeals.  Also consider that in many jurisdictions the appellate court will NOT overturn lower court decisions without something really remarkable as they are conservative courts who support most lower court decisions.  

Once you have won your appeal review the above, you need a good attorney to handle a deal or a new trial and now more than ever you need a good Private Investigator to uncover things that were missed the first time around, new evidence and also by now some witnesses may be more willing to talk, and more is known about what was covered up, or what the other side thinks they have on you.

The most important person in your defense is YOU. Trust your gut instincts, don't just trust everyone who promises it's going to be ok, verify and ask questions every step of the way, stay informed, but also let your PI do his or her job and find out the truth for you and your attorney.

What To Do If You Expect Your Spouse Is Cheating

Posted by Gladys Brierley on June 24, 2011 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (1)

601-480-3181 CALL or email glad4jc@gmail.com

Try not to panic. Don't talk to too many people about it. Do call a private investigator and quietly check. The investigator should know the right questions to ask to gather enough information about your spouse, and the signs of cheating to come up with a strategic plan to get to the truth. Avoid some PI's who don't probe a lot, offer a free consultation, and just want to get your money.
A good PI take the time to learn all he or she can before asking for a retainer. Then they should be able to investigate the matter over the course of a week or less and establish your spouses habits and if they are cheating. Of course there are times that spouses only cheat on business trips etc but then you would need to do cell phone forensics and or computer forensics to see if there has been phone and internet communication or viewing pornography.
Think about what you want to do with the evidence. Is the situation so far gone that you just want to use it for a divorce, or do you want to go to counseling and save your marriage. A good investigator will leave that up to you and not try to push you in either direction.
If you are concerned about whether a child of the marriage is yours or not there is a way to forensically test yourself and the child before you take legal action. Use our DNA mobile Testing Lab. The court will revisit that area themselves possibly but at least you will know where you stand in advance.
There is often a question of drug abuse or gambling and those are areas that can be examined as well as any habit which dramatically impacts the marital and family relationship if not controlled or worked on can be the basis for a strong position legally.
I have a list of things I go over with my clients to see if there is a suspicion of cheating. I also encourage my clients to be thinking about engaging an attorney. One of the observations I have made is that clients often go to an attorney before they have any real hard evidence and then there is no money left for an investigation and the client is left unprepared and often the best parent is out maneuvered by the other side's attorney and finds themselves asking what went wrong. Having a private investigator get to the truth is as critical as having legal representation. If an attorney does not want to deal with a private investigator and his or her findings run as fast as you can away from that attorney and find one who will embrace all the evidence from you and your PI and then appropriately use the evidence that is pertinent and relevant and work with your PI to target areas that the lawyer thinks will be most useful.
Realize your private investigator is going to work hard to get to the truth for you and your case. If you need help you can get in touch with me and I will help you find someone in your area.

CALL 601-480-3181 or  EMAIL  accurateinvest@bellsouth.net

Make sure your investigator has video and pictures with date time stamp accounting for the time on surveillance. Expect them to review backgrounds of potential third parties. Also expect them to encourage you to get an attorney if there is a concern that the other party may be doing the same. The investigator should work within the scope of the law always because any information obtained illegally will be thrown out of court. That means no wire tapping, no listening devices of any kind and only recording according to your state laws on recording conversations, one party, two party, all parties. Also you can use a GPS if you are a part owner or registrant, if it is a company vehicle you cannot do that as you have no legal right and any information obtained will be thrown out in court. You can do cell or computer forensics if you are a joint user of the same, if not then you can ask your attorney to subpoena those devices for tests.


Posted by Gladys Brierley on January 10, 2011 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (12)

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January 10, 2011


It just makes sense to be made aware of all the facts.  It could mean the difference between winning and losing in a court case, financially or emotionally.

Before you settle down with that special someone who you just met 6 months ago why not give yourself that added peace of mind and check your lover out.  More than likely everything you have been told and believe to be true will be confirmed.  But what about those times that your emotions of being in love have swept you away and your potential partner has deceived you and you are about to be taken on the ride of your life, and I don't mean an amusement park adventure!

Spend a little money now and get the facts before you make a decision that will affect the rest of your life.

Be prepared:

Don't go into court in a divorce situation without having all the facts and evidence you can to win your case.

It is sad to admit but some attorneys are not really interested in winning cases for their clients, they would much rather collect the legal fees and cut back room deals with the other side and then advise you this is the best way to go.  Or they will tell you that your case is a slam dunk and you don't need any special investigator because surely the judge is going to see you are the better parent.  

Do not trust the fate of your children to a complete stranger, either an attorney you just met or the judge you don't know.

Realize that ultimately it is your responsibility to take control of your own defense.  You need to have the facts available for your attorney.  Most attorneys are not going to have an in house private investigator for domestic issues.  

These are the areas of interest to gather evidence for your attorney and your defense:

Cell phone records

Extra curricula activites such as gym time, girls nite out, what your spouse does before and after work before coming home.

Computer online activity and social networking sites, emails

Changes in behavior, schedules, clothing, hair, hygiene, reappearance of old friends, secrecy

to name a few things.

Fraud investigations:

There is more and more fraud going on in our world because of the internet, and also because of addictions driving people to need more money to pay for those addictions.

Be on guard when someone shows a new and unusual interest in your elderly family members.  Also be on guard when you are a widow or newly divorced and have assets.

Predators often will look for someone who is trusting, vulnerable and find the hot spots of their need whether it is to be neighborly and mow grandma's law for free or offer to help you with handyman work for free or at a really cheap cost.  These are the type of opportunities predators use to gain access to your home, life and confidentiality so they can set you as a target to commit fraud against you.

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Not just because I am a private investigator but because of what I have observed over the last several years I am convinced that a person without a private investigation has a serious chance of losing custody of their children even if they are obviously the more fit parent, and have all the character witnesses to prove it.

You cannot believe the wonderful parents that I have had the privelege of working with after they have already lost their cases in lower and sometimes the appellant court.  

I have had the transcript in front of me where careless attorneys have just overlooked lies, falsehoods and not objected in situations that could have turned the case around.

Judges sometimes are corrupted by association with the opposing party and family members, especially in close communities in small towns its who you know and the judges will often use that knowledge to slant the case in favor of their friends.  A fair judge who has integrity will recuse himself.  Some people will intentionally dirty a judge by approaching him beforehand so that he will go along or recuse himself thus making way for a more preferable judge.

Attorneys who are not qualified to represent people in divorce cases, or who have no successful track record, rather than pass up the retainer will take a case, be unprepared or unknowledgable on how to represent their client.

A good private investigator who is experienced in divorce and child custody cases will know what things are important to the case.  In our state of Mississippi there are Albright factors which judges must look at when making a decision.  

If any attorney tells you you do not need a private investigator, run...because it means he or she does not intend to put on credible testimony, documentation and information that can help the judge make a wise decision.

Any attorney who is willing to take a large retainer and not make some of that available for the private investigator is not looking out for your best interest because they cannot and will not get out and do surveillance and research to make your case winable.

As a PI myself I can tell you it makes my skin crawl to hear of attorneys who do absolutely nothing to help their clients win their cases but show up in court and they are allowed to continue praticing law.

What you need is a good assessment of your case by offering the private investigator as much information as possible, so that they can dig, run reports, check online activity, phone records you provide, do surveillance and gather information about your spouses double life and how that affects your children.  Once evidence is gathered they you are ready to serve your partner and start legal proceedings providing all the evidence to the attorney.  There will be times you have already retained an attorney thats fine, make sure your attorney is on board with your using a private investigator and will cooperate with that investigator.  Make sure you will not be double billed for information provided to your attorney which makes their case for you stronger.

When you have to worry about phone or email charges for your attorney to update your attorney with valuable information, it may be time to find another attorney.  The only time phone or email charges should come into play is when they are routine and lengthy because those things take up the attorney and the PI;s time away from real work on all client cases.

A private investigator you hired should be able to periodically update or ask your attorney for legal guidance on a matter of law concerning their activity on your case.  There should be a mutual respect between the parties.  If an attorney does not respect and support the work a PI is doing for you, it may be a sign they are threatened or resent the money you are spending to win your case, it may be time to find another attorney.  If at any time an attorney stops wanting to work with others who are contributing to your best interest in winning your case it is time to change attorneys.

There are excellent attorneys out there that care about their clients.  I have had several to call me to ask me to assist their clients and what specifically they need to find out.  I have found that these type of attorneys always put their clients best needs in front of their own greed or need for total control.  They are team players and want everyone to succeed for the client.

So finally get a private investigator, get all the evidence you need to win your case, interview attorneys if possible with your private investigator who will be able to help you evaluate their priorities, goals, match to your goas, and if they have the background of success you are looking for.  Don't be afraid to ask them for references, and for cases they have won, its all pubic record.

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Friday, March 19, 2010
Divorce, Children & Parenting
Probably the most distressing thing in the Private Investigating business is to see how adults use their children as pawns on a chess board of hatred, emotional depravity and manipulate them as insignifcant pieces whose little personalities and emotions can be discarded with little remorse or regret.

I have come to believe even stronger that most children are in desperate need of both parents whenever that is possible, short of extreme neglect or abuse, children grow and are nurtured best by both parents equally. I would really like to see a complete revision of our court system so that mediators are used with the intention of preserving the rights of both parents when it is feasible. Giving just one parent primary custody or sole legal custody creates such havoc and distress for the children. There has to be a way no matter how difficult where agreements can be made that are best for the children. Parents must put aside their selfish reasonings and pride to do whatever it takes to raise their children in the most normal enviroment as possible.

When judges allow themselves to become so bias toward one sex or toward one type of parent then they have no moral compass to guide them to unbiased decisions based upon what is best for the children. I see case after case where children are deprived of good parents time, love and guidance because of inept judgements. As the investigator we truly get to see both sides. We are hired by one side but when we are done investigating the other, we have also had time to learn more about our own clients. No one is perfect and certainly all our clients are not perfect, as much as we would like to believe we are also on the side of right, they too have flaws and need support and guidance.

There is something terribly wrong with our system when a loving mother who has spent most of her time as a stay at home mom until the divorce while her husband has been philandering and leaving home after work till all hours of the night, and then deliberately seeking out employment and not bringing his family with him to an out of state job over and over so he can basically be a bachelor to suddenly find herself fighting to even have visitation with her children every other weekend, to be forced to return to work to pay child support for children who are not even wanted by the father but he seeks to destroy her so he finds illicit ways to win in court.

What is wrong with this picture?

Or how about this picture? Two men serving our country are basically swindled into having sex under a ruse and a few drinks, lied to about fertility and deliberately chosen for their vulnerability and naivity, they find after a cleverly used ovulation kit selects the best time that they are now fathers, who then turn around and pay child support willingly only to find man after man raising their children while their mother plays all sorts of games to keep their children from them. Additionally courts systems are mocked while these children are deprived of their decent good fathers and made to call different men daddy in their very tender years all because a woman is too lazy to work and wants a steady stream of support from men. How can this woman believe that she will not pay in the Karma sense or in the sense of reaping what she has sown? Her children unfortunately will pay the higher price while they try to sort out who their daddy is and how many more men will stand in, will the real daddys ever be able to take their rightful places before it is too late for these children?

Or what about this one, Grandma finds out that the ex-son in law is watching porn in front of his small little boy and doing inappropriate things in front of the child. She takes the child to the counselor and as a result is forbidden to see her own grandchild after the pervert wins custody. This is a wonderful grandma who paid for private schooling and knows that the perverted father only wants the child to make the wife come back. I shudder to think if we will have a serial sex offender in a few years after years of being subjected to this filthy treatment of women in his fathers house.

Courts use guardian ad litums here in Mississippi and one has to wonder what they are thinking when they do not do a proper investigation of the facts. One situation comes to mind. This attorney states in a report that the one parent drove the children in very severely inclement weather but never bothered to check her facts with the weather history which would have shown her that the other parent was lying, which then would have had the other parent put in a proper light.

Another situation has a grand parent keeping a diary from the day her grandchildren were born and all the entries are against her in law, odd that this person would have foreseen years before the need for a diary, you think a guardian ad litum would have questioned the validity of such a well constructed instrument. There ought to be some consequences for these lawyers if they do not investigate statements made by each party that they intend to put as facts in their reports.

How can a judge order a parent to have a psych evaluation for herself and her child and nothing is happening for over a year and this parent is not held in contempt. Our system is broken. Judges are biased and have way too much power in the decisions regarding children because too many children are continuing to be damaged. There needs to be more accountability in the court system. If the appeals courts see damaging evidence of inproprieties against judges they need to overturn those decisions and if judges will not follow the law and do the right thing by children they should be de benched and possibly disbarred.

50% of marriages end in divorce, and many of those involve children. We are in an epidemic crisis mode and emergency status. Who will stand for the children if we as Private Investigators don't?


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Private Investigators get calls daily from concerned parents and spouses who need to obtain evidence to insure fairness in their divorce proceedings and in some cases getting the edge they feel they deserve.  There is a genuine need for admissable evidence.  I am not an attorney and you should always consult an attorney for sound legal advice.  However I do know what I would NOT do as a Private Investigator either because it is blatently illegal or in the gray zone and I don't want to be the lone PI who becomes the test case and ruins my clients chances of a fair judicial decision because of my unwise zeal in assisting my clients.

You would do well to really learn and abide by state laws guiding you as to what measures you can take in securing evidence for your divorce.  Obtaining cell records from a private account other than through a court order or from a bill laying around in the open or in the trash can cost you an arrest and definately cost you valuable evidence in your litigation.  A much better approach is to gain enough reasonable evidence to prove to a judge that you need a subpeona for those records to be produced by the other spouse, other party or the cell phone company.  The same is true for land line phones, get the records legally.

Some legal ways to obtain any paper record is through looking through the trash at the roadside since this is now public domain, finding them in common areas of the home, and a court order.  What good does it do if you get records but then cannot present them in court?  You may think well I will just look over the records and then present the evidence another way, that may be possible but a smart attorney is going to want to know where you obtained your evidence originally so you need to have a plan.

If you hire a PI to conduct surveillance, check online social networking sites, data bases and interviews you may find a host of evidence that you can now introduce legally and get the court order you need for those records which will seal the deal.

Another reason to follow the laws in obtaining evidence is that if you break the law, you could be arrested, have your children taken away and or do jail time.  There is no evidence so necessary to obtain that way to forfeit your freedom or your childrens well being.

Another area that is questionable is in the area of GPS tracking surveillance.  Some states have more clarity than others on this but the rule of thumb that most PI's use is that if you own or co own the vehicle you have every legal right to track it.  You can do this for a short time to monitor your spouse or teens activity for a specific reason or you can do it on a longer term basis to develop a historical basis for your goals.  You can use historical tracking which will tell you where the vehicle has been or live tracking which can assist your Private Investigator in staying a safe distance while conducting surveillance so they can get into a position to take video and pictures as needed.  I strongly advise you against putting a GPS on any vehicle that you do not own unless you have that person's permission.  You could be arrested for stalking, or tampering if you hard wire it, or trespassing.  Keep in mind there is not alot of legal cases out there yet dealing with this in the domestic arena but local law enforcement often can take matters and rearrange them not to your favor if it suits them. Community property laws and shared use are key legally.

Another area where gaining evidence legally is paramount is in the area of audio and video surveillance.  You need to check your state laws on audio recording.  In Mississippi the law states as long as one party knows there is a recording it is legal.  That does not mean you can put down an audio recorder and walk away leaving it on indefinitely since you are no longer a party to the conversation.  That is wiretapping and against federal law and carries heavy penalties as a felony.  The only time you can audio tape someone is if you are present in the conversation in a one party state.  Other states say two parties present must be aware of the recording, and still others say all parties must have knowledge that they are being recorded.  Those states have the strictest laws and you would do well to know which state you are in.  You can google this and anything else I mention in this article and find lists and guidelines for these areas. Areas of public domain such as restaurants, bars, parking lots, stores etc are fair game for audio recording.  Areas that may be challenged are those places where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy such as a bathroom or bedroom or private areas which have notification that no recording is allowed such as a movie theater.  

Video surveillance is a little easier to stay abreast of the legalities.  Most video surveillance is legal providing there is no disclaimer forbidding it such as in government situations, military sites where national security is at stake or in private corporations where infringement of trade secrets are in question and in domestic situations in bedrooms and bathrooms or where minors are present.  People have a reasonable expectation of privacy under our US Constitution in their bedrooms and bathrooms.  You can put covert surveillance items in hallways, near the door way of the bedrooms, in all the common areas and outside.  Keep in mind though in some states stationary surveillance equipment that is hard wired in or outside the home needs to be installed by a professional licensed security techician since electricity may be involved and there are laws governing this type of installation.  However you can put a smoke detector, picture, teddy bear or decorative item in a legally acceptable place with the video surveillance option only.

Your private investigator should know that they can video tape your spouse and children outside your home, or in any other envirorment as long as the intent is to gain evidence for court not to use in any defaming way.  Video taping beyond the window and or glass doors is illegal in many states as the laws usually assume that anything that can be seen with the naked eye without the use of any assistance at the window or door is acceptable but penetrating beyond the windows or doors or even walls with extraordinary means such as telephoto lenses, infra red etc would be considered an invasion of privacy.

These are just some basic ideas and guidelines to keep you on the right side of the law and in the best position to be able to legally present your evidence in court.  Again consult an attorney and check your state laws to be sure what the legal limits are and when in doubt stay on the cautious side.  You will find in the end the judge will be more favorable to you when you respect the law and present legally obtained evidence to the courts.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you as a Private Investigator is always err on the side of caution and never disobey a judge's order.  Doing that can be fatal for your case and also land you prosecuted and in jail.  I had one client that refused to listen to this advice from me and his attorney and the end result was prosecution for a felony, potential loss of freedom and tilting the otherwise good case he had toward the other side.


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I recently received a phone call from a dear childhood friend.  She had lost her husband through terminal illness last year.  She had a very wonderful marriage and felt that she was free to move ahead a few months later.  She met a professional man who claimed to have valid reasons for no longer working in his profession.  He was very attentive and available.  He had little responsibility it seemed and was able to devote much time to her except for the extended times away tending to some business endeavors or clientele.  These seemed to occur fairly regularly and gave my friend no cause for alarm.  On the weeks he was home he was tending to her rental property and this was a blessing to her.  It never occurred to her to have a background investigation on this man.  He was kind, considerate, helpful, attentive and available and seemed to have no major character flaws.

She moved him into her home believing that they were planning a life together and would be married the following year.  She entrusted him with her rental property income as far as depositing the funds and with the account.

Are any red flags going off yet?  When someone seems to be too good to be true,  he or she often is.  A simple background check would have turned up some interesting details about this man.

He had a major gambling problem.  His first wife divorced him after years of putting up with it and he was pawning her belongings as they were splitting up.  He lost his prestigous position due to his gambling problem and had not held down a decent job in probably 20 years.  His brother also had a major gambling problem so it seemed to be a family issue of some kind. 

One day when my friend went to pay her mortgages out of the rental fund she realized he had cleaned her OUT of approximately $5000.  It seems like a small amount of money to some but that meant that her homes were in danger of being foreclosed on, and that she would have to sell her own home and move back into one of her rental properties.  There probably was other funds that were being misappropriated along the way those few months he had invaded my friends life.

This man  had shell businesses set up to make himself look good and probably to launder his dirty money he stole from women.  He left my friend the day she found out claiming that he was trying to win her some money.  He called her daily to say he was going to pay her back and sent her text messages, for about a couple of weeks, until he felt sure she would not call the police which I of course urged her to do.

My friend a very upstanding, honest person was devastated to say the least.  She had spent the last 12 years in a trusting relationship and was pretty unschooled as to the savvy people out there on the, OH did I say, INTERNET.  She was lonely and he was more than likely very skilled at approaching women on the internet, in fact I suspect he has one again already he is fleecing, and probably keeps one in the wings as he is grooming the other.

A decent background check can save your fortune, your life and the safety of any minor children.  Please consider using a professional PI, any sites she went to did not tell her very much as her access was limited to public sites that are often incomplete and out of date.  Isn't it worth the money you invest in checking out someone who you plan to seriously date, move into your home, add to your real estate deed or marry?


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People often call me about concerns for their children, they know their marriage is over but they cannot just acquiese to the opposing side without some certainty that their children will be safe. 

Sometimes a client will call and share that their ex is violent, abusing drugs or alcohol or participating in a variety of sexual relationships.  This is a real threat to the safety and well being of their child.  A client may have already experienced an uninformed judge handing over custody and or unsupervised visitation to the offending party. 

Here are some tips that can help you in your endeavor to seek full custody, monitored visitation, or even the termination of the rights of a dangerous parent:


First do NOT tip your hand to the other parent by accusing, threatening, or anything that will make the other parent more evasive or tempted to retaliate on the child.

Next do document every contact with the other  parent when it concerns your child or children.  If it is legal in your state record all phone conversations and keep a tape recorder handy to covertly tape any exchange concerning your child.  This will help you develop a history of your childs other parents way of communicating, any threats that are made, etc.  It will also help you to keep your cool knowing your tape may make it into court.

Take pictures of your childs body and face before a visit [if there is a concern about child abuse] and take pictures when they return.  Note any explanation or lack of explanation the other parent gives.  In other words keep a journal.  Be prepared to take your child on a car ride or some quiet time with you where he can tell you about his visit.  Be upbeat, do not try to lead the child into saying what you want to hear, but just let her tell you about their weekend etc.  Tape this conversation, good or bad because you never know when a child is going to slip out and say something that they may have been coached not to say, and if you try to get them to say it again later on the tape it probably won't work.

Do not let your child know you are looking for evidence, do not overreact as this may scare the child thinking mommy will be mad at daddy and I may get in trouble for telling.  Try to remain calm no matter how awful the story is.

Do not run to your family pediatrician every time your child comes back from a visit but do always bring your child to the family pediatrician immediately if your child demonstrates any extreme unusual sexual behavior or if she has any unexplained bruises.  Also bring your pictures with you to show how your child left your home.  Be prepared because the family doctor is mandated by law to report child abuse to CPS so if you have the pictures you will be protected from being falsely accused.

If you get in the habit of taking the pictures all the time with the family, the pets and other silly things, your childs other parent will not be alerted as to your strategy.


If you believe your child has been sexually violated set up an appointment immediately with a therapist. 


Some other things you should do is run a background check on your childs parent.  Chances are you do not know everything about her, she may have had a DUI in the past before you met, or some association with a criminal or even a sex offender.  There are also ways to investigate her family and close associates to see if any of them can endanger your child if they are in his presence.

Do not assume someone is free from deviancy just because they appear to be a nice person, often child molesters come across as very credible to the parents of a child they are targetting for violation.  When it comes to your child, trust no one until you have proven to yourself they can be trusted.

Always provide a safe atmosphere for your child to come to you, do NOT run the other parent down, try to convince your child they are bad etc, that will work against you with your child as it will be their natural tendency to want to protect the image of that parent, just as they would yours.  Do let your child know you are concerned and that you will help them depending on the severity of the situation, but do not say things they are likely to repeat or that will make them become more cautious the next time and not tell you what went on.

Prepare your case well and do not move forward too quickly unless you are in emergency status and have no choice.

There are ways you can assist the other parent in contributing to their own loss of visitation, custody or rights.  Give them enough rope to hang themselves, don't run interference, let them drink and drive, but have an annonymous person to report them while they are on the road so that it doesn't come back to you.

When you get to court you should have enough evidence for the judge to order alcohol treatment, drug treatment, or to forbid your childs parent to have sleepovers with the opposite sex, mandate monitored visitation.

In order to accomplish all this you are going to need assistance from a Private Investigator.  Try to have one on standby who can follow your childs parent when they come to pick up the child for a visit if you suspect they have been drinking for example.  The investigator can watch for erratic driving and report this to the police at which time the other parent will get pulled over and tested for DUI and you will get a phone call to come get your child.  Now this can be used in court.

Your private investigator can also follow your child on the visit to see where the parent takes her, and who is present during the onset of the visit.  The investigator can take video and pictures of anything suspicious or of concern. 

Remember any illegal activity can be documented and videoed at any time but it is always more powerful in court to have this evidence shown as being in the presence of the child.

Call the police if your childs parent comes to pick up your child for a visit if it is clearly apparent that she is intoxicated or stoned from drugs.  Do not let your child go with a parent who is in such a state as that will reflect badly on you.


Try as much as possible to video and take pictures as a fun thing so as not to alert your child as to your motives.  Do not let the child see the audio device.  The more relaxed you appear to your child the more the child will feel safe to come to you and share their concerns and fears.


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Here are some ways to tell if your spouse is cheating. Some of this will also apply to live in significant others and some may apply to those romantically involved who are not living together, but primarily I am addressing spouses infidelity in this list below:

 Spouse is less available for family get togethers
 Spouse is emotionally detached from you & decreased sexual activity
 Spouse has taken on new work or hobbies that take him or her away from home example
suddenly going three times a week to the gym.
 Clothes are new, different or have unfamiliar scents of perfume or cologne
 Excessive errands are unusual times of the day or night
 Unexplained purchases on bank statement or ATM withdrawals
 Cell phone minutes excessively used to one phone number
 You find receipts for purchases that are not brought home
 Larger cash withdrawals at the ATM. Cash back at Stores where purchased items are much less on receipt.
 Notes, phone numbers, email addresses stuffed in wallet or clothes
 Hang up phone calls
 Spouse has secret drawer, file, keeps cell phone records hidden
 Internet web browser history list of porn or dating sites
 Spouse changes or adds new email accounts
Spouse clears out email and browser history
Cell phone texting is nearly constant but you cannot find anything usual on the phone.  Spouse is most like using an anonymous texting service
such as Text Plus or Kik
Spouse holds on tightly to the phone, sleeps with it, takes it into the bathroom never leaves it unlocked
Some other areas of concern:
Spouse accuses you of having an affair.
Spouse says you are imagining things, paranoid or you are crazy when confronted with possibly cheating.
Spouse starts arguments for petty reasons and then storms out of the house.
Spouse starts attending family or business gatherings and events without you.
Spouse has extra set of clothes in vehicle and takes showers "at the office" or more frequently.
Spouse starts hanging around with new friends, "boys" "girls" night out, old friends don't come around as before or act uncomfortable around you.
Spouses coworkers or secretary are evasive when you call asking for spouse.
Spouse wants to try new things in the bedroom.
Spouse wants more sex or none at all.
Please feel free to add to this list, as there are many other signs. Keep in mind that a few of these signs may be easily explained but when you have many of them at work in one situation chances are the spouse is cheating.

DON'T, I repeat don't confront the spouse. I know that is hard not to do, you have every right to know and expect to get an honest answer but why not get all the facts first? Confronting your spouse with one or two pieces of evidence is either liable to get him or her very angry that you distrust them so if they are innocent or make them shrewder in their infidelity because you caught them. Then it will cost you more time and money to get at the truth.
You want to have all the evidence possible for a variety of reasons. One if your goal is to save your marriage you may be able to with the help of a Professional Private Investigator find out that the spouses lover is a con artist, cheat, or criminal, has secrets hidden from your spouse and you can use this information as leverage against the lover to win back your spouse to reality and to you. If you show your hand too soon your spouse may alert the lover and both of them will cover up their tracks better.

Also if your spouses lover is a person of wealth and influence chances are you may be able to sue them for alienation of affection. In situations where a doctor has cross the line professionally with a patient [your spouse] or an employer or supervisor is using their position of authority over your spouse, you may be able to sue them for big bucks. You may want to do this if the marriage is over for sure and you want some monetary satisfaction. In many cases the lover will drop the affair anyway and you can make him or her pay for breaking up your happy home and family. By hiring a good PI you can secretly gather all the evidence on this lover and the activities with your spouse and maybe even others to use in court. SEE WHY ITS A GOOD IDEA TO WAIT TO CONFRONT THE CHEATER?

In other situations waiting is good, what if your spouse was considering cheating but had not done it yet, you may be able to win him or her back over to an intimacy with your that will preclude the cheating without the nasty confrontation and fighting that is sure to ensue. Your spouse may later tell you they had a temptation or offer to cheat and they refused. It will make them feel good to reveal this to you as you act surprised and relieved.
It is alot easier for your attorney to win your case in court if you follow his advice and the advice of your Private Investigator. Any good PI is going to insist you get yourself an attorney as soon as possible and will be willing to work with that attorney to assist you with your case. A Professional PI should remain respectful of your spouse when discussing the situation with you and should not resort to name calling etc, since your goal may be to save your marriage.
NEVER NEVER NEVER Confront the lover during the investigation stage. There may be a time for this but doing it prematurely can grossly backfire on you, the lover can accuse you of wrongdoing, like stalking, assault etc and all you have done is damage your case. Do provide your PI with as much information as you suspect about the lover and be willing to pay that investigator to dig up everything they can on this person and also conduct surveillance on him or her. Chances are this person has wrong motives anyway having an affair with someone elses spouse and these motives can later come into play in court or in confronting your spouse and or the lover.
The VERY BEST THING YOU CAN DO is to hire a Professional Private Investigator who is going to personally oversee your case from start to finish. You need someone who is compassionate, caring, knowledgeable about legalities in your state, so that any investigation is done in a professional and thorough manner within the scope of your local laws. Be careful of big name companies who may be hiring young inexperienced investigators and rather go for a smaller company, managed by a small team or individual who is going to personally invest time with you and not nickle and dime you but give you an overall service within your budget that targets your specific needs.
TRUST your PI he or she is there to give you the very best service and advice possible. Let the PI take the lead in the investigation. Do provide ongoing information but understand you are too emotionally involved and not trained for this sort of thing. The PI will know based upon the investigation what type of investigative strategy to use, when the best time to conduct surveillance is etc based upon the information your provide about your spouses daily routines as well as any information the investigator discovers. It sometimes takes time and caution to learn patterns and new behavior of cheaters, gamblers, or substance abusers.  Use a GPS tracker and let your PI monitor it some before spending money right away on surveillance hours.  Let your PI work with your attorney for protection of the work product, confidentiality and issues of discovery.  
Finally, cheaper is not always better, investing in a Professional Private Investigators services could save your marriage, save you thousands in settlement arrangements and or help you gain hundreds of thousands in an alienation of affection, help your children have quality of life in custody arrangements and give you peace of mind.
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