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Posted by Gladys Brierley on August 24, 2014 at 5:35 PM

glad4jc@gmail.com   601-480-3181

Cult Investigations & Human trafficking investigations really are often one and the same.  We use to see them separately because we were concentrating on cults being religious.
Sometimes they are and those can be very deadly.  Here is a list of warning signs you should look for in a cult and we will be happy to assist you with a more complete picture once we are retained and working with you and your family to regain your loved one back to sanity and safety:

Cult Members are discouraged from association with members who leave the cult and or unsupportive family and friends.  Cult members are told to shun, disassociate with former members accusing those who left as being away from God, in sin, or negative .  

Cult leader demands and members stress absolute loyalty to the leader and to a lesser extent, key people.

Cult leader selects spys to hover over and infiltrate members, and former members.

Cult leader lets others do the "dirty work" but is directly influencing behind the scenes.

Cult leader especially targets members, families, and even former members who have assets.  Those assets could be land, money, possessions, influence, relationships to others who may possess the same.

Cult leaders control money, access and activities of all but the very close loyal subjects.

Cult leaders use front people to win new members by sending out those people who are affable and can mix in new communities with favor.  Men and women or young people are used to draw in the new members by paying constant attention to them.  One situation I have observed is the use of social networking and or texting to completely control the time and energy of someone who is being groomed for membership in the inner circle.  Additionally members of the opposite sex are encouaged to spend hours  a day and night on the phone or in person visiting targets causing confusion about the real motives.

Cult leaders are notorious for praising their targets with flattery at one moment then shooting them down and criticizing the next.  Members and targets alike are meant to feel unstable and not secure about their standing and acceptance in the group.

The goal is domination and subjugation and to force someone into compliance there is constant manipulation and emotional curve balls thrown at the targets.
THE LOVE BUG everyone is always saying  "I love you
Isolation from family and old friends 
Fasting & Praying, Late night or all night spiritual activity after working all day
Food Deprivation while the cult leader enjoys eating every day
No TV or Radio access only Christian music approved of by cult leader although he may watch TV and listen to the radio
No conversations by phone, social media or online that the cult leader is not privy to and controlling
Limited access to the public, cult members are kept away from the public in general unless they are doing ministry and then they are closely watched by the cult leader and other members
Not allowed to visit outside the cult or close allies of the cult and are strongly rebuked for speaking or visiting with anyone outside
Type of clothing is controlled sometimes plain or dull appearance is encouraged
False doctrines are not disussed with outsiders so cult leader can hide this from new inductees
Non Christian books are discouraged and some cult leaders only allow books they approve of
Cult members are told they are working for God and then they don't get paid so they have no way to have independence, get away, buy their own clothes or personal care products.
Cult members are forced to depend upon the cult leader or his resources for all their needs.
Cult members are not allowed to own cell phones, laptops or other electronic devices as they must be shared with others as the cult leader sees fit.
Cult members are often not allowed to marry, only marry inside the group with the cult leaders approval and confirmation from his god
Cult members marriages are sometimes broke up, and cult members are reassigned to other spouses, to the cult leader himself or celibacy
Cult members may experience years of celibacy because the cult leader has not found anyone suitable to marry his members resulting in a loss of family life for cult members
Cult members children become part of the cult and they must answer to a variety of adults espcially the cult leader
Cult leader claims he is above the accountability of the group and accountable to no one but God and often gets "messages" from God for cult members
Cult leaders teach cult members that outsiders are the enemy and anyone who questions the cult is told that it is the devil in them or the devil and that they are in rebellion against God.
Cult leader does not tolerate anyone questioning his authority inside the cult and outside the cult, members are encouraged to question, stalk, bully and intimidate anyone outside the cult or those who leave the cult
For those who try leave the cult, the cult leader will use all forms of brainwashing techniques implemented by all the cult members, intimidation, shame, guilt, the love bug, continued contact by group members and or the leader and his cronies to regain control over the member who is trying to leave or who has left.
Gang Stalking of members is very widespread.  

People who are old, fragile or have money and assets are handled with the love bug and overwhelming force by the cult members who appear to be full of love for the intended target.  After the target is won over there will be increasing abuse of the target to insure control is maintained.  The target will be in a state of confusion and unable to defend him or herself as the money and assets are slowly drained and or turned over to the cult leader.
There are other areas of concern as well but I hope this helps someone.  If you need an investigation conducted please email us at  glad4jc@gmail.com or call us at 601-480-3181

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