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Posted by Gladys Brierley on October 18, 2009 at 7:54 PM

I recently received a phone call from a dear childhood friend.  She had lost her husband through terminal illness last year.  She had a very wonderful marriage and felt that she was free to move ahead a few months later.  She met a professional man who claimed to have valid reasons for no longer working in his profession.  He was very attentive and available.  He had little responsibility it seemed and was able to devote much time to her except for the extended times away tending to some business endeavors or clientele.  These seemed to occur fairly regularly and gave my friend no cause for alarm.  On the weeks he was home he was tending to her rental property and this was a blessing to her.  It never occurred to her to have a background investigation on this man.  He was kind, considerate, helpful, attentive and available and seemed to have no major character flaws.

She moved him into her home believing that they were planning a life together and would be married the following year.  She entrusted him with her rental property income as far as depositing the funds and with the account.

Are any red flags going off yet?  When someone seems to be too good to be true,  he or she often is.  A simple background check would have turned up some interesting details about this man.

He had a major gambling problem.  His first wife divorced him after years of putting up with it and he was pawning her belongings as they were splitting up.  He lost his prestigous position due to his gambling problem and had not held down a decent job in probably 20 years.  His brother also had a major gambling problem so it seemed to be a family issue of some kind. 

One day when my friend went to pay her mortgages out of the rental fund she realized he had cleaned her OUT of approximately $5000.  It seems like a small amount of money to some but that meant that her homes were in danger of being foreclosed on, and that she would have to sell her own home and move back into one of her rental properties.  There probably was other funds that were being misappropriated along the way those few months he had invaded my friends life.

This man  had shell businesses set up to make himself look good and probably to launder his dirty money he stole from women.  He left my friend the day she found out claiming that he was trying to win her some money.  He called her daily to say he was going to pay her back and sent her text messages, for about a couple of weeks, until he felt sure she would not call the police which I of course urged her to do.

My friend a very upstanding, honest person was devastated to say the least.  She had spent the last 12 years in a trusting relationship and was pretty unschooled as to the savvy people out there on the, OH did I say, INTERNET.  She was lonely and he was more than likely very skilled at approaching women on the internet, in fact I suspect he has one again already he is fleecing, and probably keeps one in the wings as he is grooming the other.

A decent background check can save your fortune, your life and the safety of any minor children.  Please consider using a professional PI, any sites she went to did not tell her very much as her access was limited to public sites that are often incomplete and out of date.  Isn't it worth the money you invest in checking out someone who you plan to seriously date, move into your home, add to your real estate deed or marry?


601-480-3181 or 601-683-2094

email  Glad4JC@aol.com

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