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Posted by Gladys Brierley on May 27, 2014 at 9:10 PM

601-480-3181   glad4jc@gmail.com

 It is a good idea to investigative your potential pastor or church staff before you hire them.  A simple background check online, county record check and interviewing references is a good way to begin.  

Unfortunately most people are too trusting and hire pastors and or church staff without a real thorough investigation into their background.  Problems occur later because these persons are con artists, pedophiles, theives or womanizers as well as control freaks and generally inept at caring for the sheep.  There are stories of pastors and staff running away with peoples investments, life long savings, running off with someone's wife and molesting someone's children.  These situations can not always be predicted or prevented but in many cases a church can avoid these type of problems in the future if they take a little time and money to weed out the bad apples.

Some of the things to look for.  Does this person have financial stability?  That does not mean that they are wealthy just that they do their best to pay their bills and not live above their means. I had one so called pastor tell me he was debt free when in fact he had was about to lose everything due to non payment of property and revenue taxes. Another guy in the same area came into town quoting the Bible without looking at it, got all the peoples money and ran off with it after he accumulated what he wanted.

Are they willing to share challenges or problems they have had in their ministry and how they have overcome them?  Do they tell the truth or exaggerate their accomplishments?  Are they operating in a spirit of accountability with others in their lives. Who do they talk to?  Does that person have any credentials?  Can they prove this?  Who are they in relationship with?  Can you verify it?

 How is their marriage if they are married.  Do they seem to have a stable family? Do they lord over their spouse or is it a partnership?  What is their education level, credentials can they be verified?  Do they come with recommendations from other ministers that your church knows.

 What is their belief system?  Do they hold closely to your churches belief system? Do they adhere to the basic tenets of the Christian faith?  
What is their vision for church growth?  What is their life mission?  Are they realistic about their strengths and weaknesses.  How did they exit their last church, or ministry?  Were there conflicts and how did they resolve them.  Do they have any proof of this?  If they have had setbacks or challenges in ministry how did they resolve them?

These are some of the examples to be thinking about when you are hiring a new church pastor or staff person.  If you have already hired them and you have genuine concerns but no proof of serious moral or other issues then you still may want to hire an investigator to do a background check, and possibly surveillance if you suspect some improprieities.  This is a very sensitive and serious issue that Accurate Investigations, LLC cares about for any church family that finds itself in this position.

Please feel free to call 601-480-3181 for a confidential interview.
Or email us at  glad4jc@gmail.com

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