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Posted by Gladys Brierley on August 29, 2010 at 3:10 PM

Not just because I am a private investigator but because of what I have observed over the last several years I am convinced that a person without a private investigation has a serious chance of losing custody of their children even if they are obviously the more fit parent, and have all the character witnesses to prove it.

You cannot believe the wonderful parents that I have had the privelege of working with after they have already lost their cases in lower and sometimes the appellant court.  

I have had the transcript in front of me where careless attorneys have just overlooked lies, falsehoods and not objected in situations that could have turned the case around.

Judges sometimes are corrupted by association with the opposing party and family members, especially in close communities in small towns its who you know and the judges will often use that knowledge to slant the case in favor of their friends.  A fair judge who has integrity will recuse himself.  Some people will intentionally dirty a judge by approaching him beforehand so that he will go along or recuse himself thus making way for a more preferable judge.

Attorneys who are not qualified to represent people in divorce cases, or who have no successful track record, rather than pass up the retainer will take a case, be unprepared or unknowledgable on how to represent their client.

A good private investigator who is experienced in divorce and child custody cases will know what things are important to the case.  In our state of Mississippi there are Albright factors which judges must look at when making a decision.  

If any attorney tells you you do not need a private investigator, run...because it means he or she does not intend to put on credible testimony, documentation and information that can help the judge make a wise decision.

Any attorney who is willing to take a large retainer and not make some of that available for the private investigator is not looking out for your best interest because they cannot and will not get out and do surveillance and research to make your case winable.

As a PI myself I can tell you it makes my skin crawl to hear of attorneys who do absolutely nothing to help their clients win their cases but show up in court and they are allowed to continue praticing law.

What you need is a good assessment of your case by offering the private investigator as much information as possible, so that they can dig, run reports, check online activity, phone records you provide, do surveillance and gather information about your spouses double life and how that affects your children.  Once evidence is gathered they you are ready to serve your partner and start legal proceedings providing all the evidence to the attorney.  There will be times you have already retained an attorney thats fine, make sure your attorney is on board with your using a private investigator and will cooperate with that investigator.  Make sure you will not be double billed for information provided to your attorney which makes their case for you stronger.

When you have to worry about phone or email charges for your attorney to update your attorney with valuable information, it may be time to find another attorney.  The only time phone or email charges should come into play is when they are routine and lengthy because those things take up the attorney and the PI;s time away from real work on all client cases.

A private investigator you hired should be able to periodically update or ask your attorney for legal guidance on a matter of law concerning their activity on your case.  There should be a mutual respect between the parties.  If an attorney does not respect and support the work a PI is doing for you, it may be a sign they are threatened or resent the money you are spending to win your case, it may be time to find another attorney.  If at any time an attorney stops wanting to work with others who are contributing to your best interest in winning your case it is time to change attorneys.

There are excellent attorneys out there that care about their clients.  I have had several to call me to ask me to assist their clients and what specifically they need to find out.  I have found that these type of attorneys always put their clients best needs in front of their own greed or need for total control.  They are team players and want everyone to succeed for the client.

So finally get a private investigator, get all the evidence you need to win your case, interview attorneys if possible with your private investigator who will be able to help you evaluate their priorities, goals, match to your goas, and if they have the background of success you are looking for.  Don't be afraid to ask them for references, and for cases they have won, its all pubic record.

If we can help call us at 601-480-3181 or email us at glad4jc@gmail.com

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