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The Phony Consumer Report Beware of Extortionists

Posted by Gladys Brierley on November 15, 2011 at 8:35 PM

There are some so called consumer complaint web sites which are basically embezzlement sites.  They will tell you that you cannot pay to get erroneous or phony or retalitary reports off their web site.  They tell you though you can pay an independent arbitrator some $2000  or more per report and agreements and negotiations can be made, but they NEVER take it off their site.

 What happens if the poster who complained is not a client, consumer or customer but a criminal who was investigated, or a bad pervert who was caught, or some competition wishing to retaliate.  I have not found one credible person to be on these complaints for the most part, except for the publicly known criminals which are later arrested and prosecuted.  Often times it is those very own criminals who post the herrandous lies about good business people and companies.  

These sites are  nothing like REAL CONSUMER REPORTS which interviews both sides and presents a fair finding of their own volition not because someone is paying them advertising or not because they are getting kick backs..

The best way to evaluate a PI's credibiity is the same way you would assess a medical doctor, lawyer or a good restuarant or any other professional or company.  Check out what the other clients or  consumers are saying on their web site, call references, give them a little business and see how they handle your confidentiality and do they behave in a compassionate professional manner.  Choose someone who cares about your needs and concerns and not only focused on money.  If they are not wiling to give you a complimentary phone or in person interview they probably are not going to give you any real feedback or interaction about your case.
Don't believe everything you read on the internet, and also trust your instincts.


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