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Posted by Gladys Brierley on February 3, 2013 at 5:15 PM

I am not a lawyer but I do a fair amount of child custody cases. If I assess a situation where a potential client comes to me with false allegations, vindictiveness or no legitimate reason I can see or believe to limit the other parties access to children, I refuse the case. I have counseled clients to work with the other party as much as possible on the issue of their children. Children suffer so much when they cannot spend equal time or as much time as they need or want to with the both of their parents.

Except in the case of abuse or active addiction, I see no reason why children should not have access to both parents. Usually this comes down to power, control and money. These have NO PLACE in the health and well being of children except that the children should understand both Mommy and Daddy have equal authority and that both will provide for them to the best of their ability. It is so bad for children to know that one or the other parent has to "obey" the other parent in order to have access to their children. Sure the court made the ruling but the children often don't understand this, they somehow know that the custodial parent could let them see the other more often if they wanted to. If parents only knew how in most cases with holding a child from another parent without serious case will damage their children for life, maybe they would care. We have wounded, damaged people having children who use them as pawns to act out their own frustrations or anger from their own childhood.

I promote shared legal and physical custody and for healthy parents to be encouraged to work together by the courts. I am also for mediation where people have to work out their differences in counseling and only in rare situations have to fight in court for the safety or well being of their children. As a private investigator I believe no judge should rip any child away from shared custody unless there is hard evidence of abuse or addiction. Even adulterers have rights to parent their children in as close as possible to the way they did when the family lived together. It is not legal or healthy in Mississippi for one parent to bring in any 3rd parties for any overnight stay or intimacies in the presence of the children.    I am passionate for children. This is still frowned up by judges and will give you an edge for better terms of custody if we help you prove cohabitation of any kind in the presence of the children. 

Gladys Brierley
Accurate Investigations, LLC
email  glad4jc@gmail.com

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Reply Gladys Brierley
12:39 AM on April 9, 2014 
There is seemingly an epidemic of grandparents in Mississippi overstepping their boundaries as grandparents and wanting to raise their children's kids. There are times where that may be necessary and or appropriate. Some things I would do is as follows:. One is I would try to ally myself with the biological father of the other child so there is no room for her to get in there and mess with him. Then I would try to get your husband to agree to counseling. If he won't, then surveillance might be the answer, surveillance of his activities since he is the one who will ultimately be considered for custody by the judge. I would ask the judge to compel him to submit to an alcohol and drug test. I am not suggesting you compromise yourself with either of these men. I would also encourage you to seek counseling because in doing so you will have already shown the court that you are doing all you can do to be a good parent and that you are not going to get involved with another violent or irresponsible man and that through counseling you have learned this or that. Additionally you will probably get a favorable report to use in court. Please document all the texts even if you have to take a picture with a camera of those texts and then download them to the computer. Forwarding to a trusted relative or friend may help in case you lose your phone but you need to have those original texts to prove she sent them so try to go to your phone provider and see if they can help you. Do not answer her texts. You owe her nothing. She is persona non grata and I would do all I could to keep my child from her until she can show you respect and honor you as his mother. If you need assistance please contact me at my email at accurateinvest@bellsouth.net or call me at 601-480-3181
Reply concernedmommy
3:42 PM on March 6, 2014 
My spouse got really bad off on herbal incense when we were living in TX. He lost his job due to it. I thought he had quit but it turned out he didnt. We moved back to MS and thats when I found out he hadnt stopped. He left me and the children in December 2013. Now all of a sudden his mom is harassing me through texts, trying to convince my sons biological father to kidnap him and so much more. There is a long story to the past of my husband and my sons biological father where my sons father tried to kill my husband with a sling blade. Anyhow, my husbands mom is contacting my sons father encouraging him to take my son and not let me get him back and saying that she plans on doing the same with my daughter (my husband and I's child). What is your advice on this? Sometime I would like to have a PI investigate her and my husband (who is now living with her) so I could find out if there is any mischevious behavior. Especially since my husband and I are still married and he refuses to file or sign divorce papers.

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