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What To Do If You Expect Your Spouse Is Cheating

Posted by Gladys Brierley on June 24, 2011 at 12:45 AM

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Try not to panic. Don't talk to too many people about it. Do call a private investigator and quietly check. The investigator should know the right questions to ask to gather enough information about your spouse, and the signs of cheating to come up with a strategic plan to get to the truth. Avoid some PI's who don't probe a lot, offer a free consultation, and just want to get your money.
A good PI take the time to learn all he or she can before asking for a retainer. Then they should be able to investigate the matter over the course of a week or less and establish your spouses habits and if they are cheating. Of course there are times that spouses only cheat on business trips etc but then you would need to do cell phone forensics and or computer forensics to see if there has been phone and internet communication or viewing pornography.
Think about what you want to do with the evidence. Is the situation so far gone that you just want to use it for a divorce, or do you want to go to counseling and save your marriage. A good investigator will leave that up to you and not try to push you in either direction.
If you are concerned about whether a child of the marriage is yours or not there is a way to forensically test yourself and the child before you take legal action. Use our DNA mobile Testing Lab. The court will revisit that area themselves possibly but at least you will know where you stand in advance.
There is often a question of drug abuse or gambling and those are areas that can be examined as well as any habit which dramatically impacts the marital and family relationship if not controlled or worked on can be the basis for a strong position legally.
I have a list of things I go over with my clients to see if there is a suspicion of cheating. I also encourage my clients to be thinking about engaging an attorney. One of the observations I have made is that clients often go to an attorney before they have any real hard evidence and then there is no money left for an investigation and the client is left unprepared and often the best parent is out maneuvered by the other side's attorney and finds themselves asking what went wrong. Having a private investigator get to the truth is as critical as having legal representation. If an attorney does not want to deal with a private investigator and his or her findings run as fast as you can away from that attorney and find one who will embrace all the evidence from you and your PI and then appropriately use the evidence that is pertinent and relevant and work with your PI to target areas that the lawyer thinks will be most useful.
Realize your private investigator is going to work hard to get to the truth for you and your case. If you need help you can get in touch with me and I will help you find someone in your area.

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Make sure your investigator has video and pictures with date time stamp accounting for the time on surveillance. Expect them to review backgrounds of potential third parties. Also expect them to encourage you to get an attorney if there is a concern that the other party may be doing the same. The investigator should work within the scope of the law always because any information obtained illegally will be thrown out of court. That means no wire tapping, no listening devices of any kind and only recording according to your state laws on recording conversations, one party, two party, all parties. Also you can use a GPS if you are a part owner or registrant, if it is a company vehicle you cannot do that as you have no legal right and any information obtained will be thrown out in court. You can do cell or computer forensics if you are a joint user of the same, if not then you can ask your attorney to subpoena those devices for tests.

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