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Private Investigator Fees            CALL  601-480-3181

Fees vary on a case by case basis.   The best way to establish your fee structure is to discuss the case with you and see what specific help you are going to need. & what  funds you have allocated for a Private Investigator to help you. Call for a confidential free consultation.  601-480-3181 or email us at accurateinvest@bellsouth.net

Be sure when you talk to an investigator that they can explain some breakdown of fees to you.  This way you know what you are paying for.  For example they should be able to tell you approxmiately how many hours they project will be spent on surveillance, how much on travel time, what the mileage fee is, how much office time, research, background checks, online tracking and so on will be necessary.  They should also be able to keep you up to date, with some type of evidence of their time spent.  For example if they are doing spot checks then a picture or video time stamped should be acceptable.  If they are doing online research they should be able to let you know how it is going specifically, if phone interviews then an update on the details of that should be shared with you on an ongoing basis.  Otherwise you can quickly run out of funds only to find your that YOUR goals have not been acheived because of misappropriation or lack of communication with your private investigator.

PAY PAL IS ONE WAY OF EASY PAYMENT TRANSACTION THROUGH YOUR CREDIT CARD OR BANK CARD.  You may also pay by bank cashiers check, postal money order, money gram, western union, cash, and also company or personal checks which have a 7 day business hold before investigations can begin.  If your investigation requires immediate attention pay pal, money gram or cash delivered in person is the fastest way to get started.   We also provide you with a contract so you know what the expectations and responsibilities are we are agreeing to. In some cases email exchanges or a shorter contract between parties may be more appropriate for small or short term projects.  We try to make this interaction as simple as possible for you the client.


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Method of payment options

 Money Order, Certified Bank Check, Money Gram [Walmart}], Western Union, Pay Pal  [see button below], Cash, Company or Personal Check [7 day hold  before work can begin].



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