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Gladys Brierley

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 University of Michigan- Flint 1983 BA Political Science minor in Corrections

Evangel University Studied Government three years 1978-1981


Accurate Investigations, LLC from June 2007 to present

Prior work includes mental health worker, owner of retail shop, sales, and operated several home and office cleaning businesses since 1978. 

Gladys has been involved in domestic, insurance and covert surveillance for businesses.  She has also pursued the truth conducting online research, conducted interviews in person and by phone, worked on special fraud projects, and numerous other investigations for companies, private parties & attorneys.  Gladys has also served legal documents in routine as well as high risk situations and has successfully served 98% of attempts exemplifying her fortitude, due diligence and results orientated work ethic.


Gladys Brierley, graduate of University of Michigan, BA Political Science, minor in Corrections. She participated as an Intern in Probation for 10 months [1982-1983] in 68th District Court, Flint Michigan. Conducted pre-sentence investigations into client home life, background and present living conditions, wrote reports with recommendations to sentencing judges with each resulting in the concurrence of the sentencing judge. 

Gladys worked in mental health field for a total of three years with criminally insane as well as clients preparing to reintegrate into society.  Extensive report writing, testing, evaluations, observations on a constant basis during the shift were completed as required.  Gladys was trained and experienced in methods of teaching activities of daily living,  de-escalation, redirecting and working with delusional clientele.

As an adolescent counselor, Gladys assisted adolescents and their families in crisis intervention, family reunification, mediation, and appropriate referrals to other agencies. Gladys received certification in Family Counseling from the State of Rhode Island based upon a 35 hour course at the University of Rhode Island Extension in Providence, RI in 1988.

 As far as business experience Gladys was in partnership with her husband for 9 years in Southern California running a home & office cleaning business, hired, trained, supervised & managed employees from a variety of backgrounds.  Their company serviced hundreds of clients with a high rate of repeat business, satisfied clientele, networking with other professional support services to meet client needs. Prior to this Gladys operated small cleaning companies in several states during college and beyond.

 Gladys is internet and computer savvy, self taught, over with 30 years experience and collaborates with computer and cell phone forensic experts.

Gladys conducted covert volunteer child predator stings in 2004-2007 effecting arrests and prosecutions of online child predators.  She also worked in conjunction with others to expose and hinder a national pedophile group. She conducted background research as a Perverted-Justice Volunteer. Gladys cooperated with NCIS, FBI and local law enforcement on particular cases as well as cybertipline at NAMEC.

Gladys has contacts all over the United States from years of online interactions as well as present liaisons with private investigators in a variety of venues online.

Gladys has collaborated with others to assist clients who need multiple investigators on site those operatives include present and former law enforcement, military trained personnel and covert operatives who fit the situation needed.

Gladys additional investigative experience includes video surveillance of cheating spouses, workers comp subjects, potential insurance fraud, implementing GPS tracking, background checks,  research, locating lost loved ones, witness interviewing, POE, undercover assignments, copyright violation investigations, due diligence, criminal defense, solving cold cases, locating stolen property, mystery shopping. Gladys can move and blend easily in minority communities.

Gladys is the founder of the Association of Mississippi Professional Private Investigators and a former Regional Director of the National League of Licensed Investigators Association and Global Association of Professional Private Investigators. Gladys is also member of Association of Christian Investigators She has also been a member and or officer of three state and two national PI association.

Gladys has participated in surveillance training, TMAB, {Techniques of Managing Aggressive Behavior}, sales and marketing training,  and 35 hours of Substance Abuse for family counseling resulting in certification above, also attended various training and classes on marketing. Gladys has received training in Search & Rescue. Gladys completed a surveillance training class with the Alabama Private Investigators Association. Gladys received FBI certification for attendance at the Foley Forensic Seminar 2013. Gladys is also a licensed life insurance producer in the state of Mississippi. 

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