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Gladys and her husband helped me throughout a very difficult divorce by performing a sweep of my house after I found multiple recorders and cameras placed in my house and on my property by my now ex-husband. They were very professional and friendly. Gladys made it a point to stay in touch with me months afterwards to check in with me and my daughter. She gave me very sound advice and shared her professional knowledge and past experiences. It has been two years now, and Gladys has continued to contact me from time to time. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone in need of a private investigator. She adds a personal touch while maintaining professionalism and ethical practices and is extremely knowledgeable of the laws pertaining to every aspect of her field.

Gladys is a very good investigator and she does a very professional job in anything that she takes on or that she tackles.

Mike K. on January 31, 2016


Wonderful and great investigator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James M. on January 26, 2016

Samuel M.

"Gladys is smart, talented and relentless. She never gave up, and wouldn't let me give up. She found person who I last saw 50 years ago, who is now going by a , 2015different first name and a different last name than she had when I  knew her.

Seemingly impossible but Gladys found her. I am most grateful.

March 8, 2016


Had been looking on and off for twenty years for my birthmother. Gladys found her in under a month. Would suggest no one else. She is fantastic and professional.

Susan W. on January 4, 2016

Rick G.

"Great Investigator. Diligent and she genuinely cares about her clients. Could not ask for a better investigator!"

They did a great job on a difficult process service and were quick and professional.

 January 24, 2016 

       Susan W.

"Had been looking on and off for twenty years for my birthmother. Gladys found her in under a month. Would suggest no one else. She is fantastic and professional."

All I can say is that I asked Ms.Brierley to find someone. She did and the fellow asked her "how did you find me?" She answered "That's my job!

Very hard and pleasant worker

You replied to this review on March 26, 2016

IF you want to read more about this fascinating case pick up the book, THE RIVER RUNS DRY by John Freivalds and see how I found a CIA operative who had gone unnoticed for many years. Yes we kept his identity protected.


Accurate Investigations LLC is so far so good. I am in constant contact with my investigator and so far the information has been accurate. Thanks Investigator !

 I highly recommend Gladys Brierly. She is extremely professional and conscientious. She takes all her clients concerns to heart. You could not find a better person.

Jan P. on February 28, 2016


 It is my pleasure to write a brief recommendation for Gladys Brierley. I have known Gladys for many years and highly her for any investigative needs you may have. She is a fine example of what a professional investigator stands for. Jimmie Mesis Editor in Chief PI Magazine? November 2, 2009

Jimmie Mesis, President, PI Magazine

Private Investigators - read PI Magazine, the trade publication for private detectives, police detectives, SIU Investigators and anyone interested in learning how to become a PI.

worked directly with Gladys at ACCURATE INVESTIGATIONS

Mrs. Brierley is a great person, she works and trys her best to help everyone she can whether, it is with work or personal. I have worked with Gladys in the MPIA for a few years and she always goes beyond the scope of her duties. If, you ever need anything investigated near her area please, contact her you will not regret it. Excellent lady and would never use anyone different from that area. Thanks Gladys for all you all done for me. God Bless, Barbie November 2, 2009

Barbie was with another company when working with Gladys at ACCURATE INVESTIGATIONS


Gladys is an excellent Investigator and does quality case work. She is efficient, detailed and concise. Gladys stays in contact and keeps you updated on progress. I recommend Gladys and know you'll be happy with her results. October 31, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Chuck Chambers

Gladys is a professional in every sense of the word. She is dedicated to her clients and their cases. I highly recommend her!? October 28, 2009

Thomas Slovenski, Owner, Cellular Forensics, LLC
was with another company when working with Gladys at ACCURATE INVESTIGATIONS


Gladys is very knowledgeable and is extremely hard working in the professional. I have consulted with Gladys on complex cases and have always found the answers I was looking for. I highly recommend the integrity of the work she produces.? October 27, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Frank Grande
hired Gladys as a Private Investigator in 2009


Gladys is a woman of high integrity, intense loyalty, with a strong work ethic. She can be depended upon to carry out commitments further than expected. Her intelligence allows her to see past the surface of many situations to the core problem. Her humor carries her through personal difficulties.? October 27, 2009

Robin O'Hare, Owner/Manager/Teacher, Lake Arrowhead Education and Resource Network



01:16 PM on June 07, 2010 by xxhomenetwork6

Gladys provided professional services and went above and beyond what was expected to help me with my case.  She dedicated herself and her resources to my situation.  This includied changing her personal plans to see my case through to conclusion.  Thanks to her efforts, we were successful in locating and serving an individual who has caused much pain and grief to our family.  I strongly recommend Accurate Investigations. Thank you, Gladys, for all that you did! 


04:01 AM on December 18, 2009 by NC

Gladys is a highly dedicated professional who has accumulated an overwhelming amount of evidence for my child custody case. I strongly recommend Accurate Investigations to anyone. Thank you so much Gladys



 Grateful Father 23 May 2009

Imagine the emotional impact on a family when one of their children becomes the victim of childhood sexual abuse. Never would have imagined that this could happen to our family-unfortunately it did at the hands of a former "family friend" whom we had not seen in many years (and unfortunately, apparently no longer really knew). As a father who is accustomed to being in control, I found myself extremely angry and frustrated with our "legal system" since it forbade my active participation in the prosecution of the one who harmed my family. After the defendant was released from jail, I decided (in the words of former President Bush after the 911 attacks) to move to an "offensive battle" in the defendant's own backyard. I decided to utilize my anger and frustration in a productive rather than destructive manner and contacted Accurate Investigations. Gladys at Accurate Investigations conducted a thoughtful, discrete, and professional investigation that allowed me to understand who the defendant really was. Amazingly, our legal system in the US neglects to provide much information to victims and their families. Accurate Investigations allowed me a sense of control that allowed me to "maintain the upper hand" as well as my sanity throughout a very lengthy and frustrating legal process. Gladys conducted an investigation in a cautious, legal, and professional manner to avoid harming the case. She provided me with much needed compassion and consultation beyond her call of duty as a private investigator. Compassion for victims and their families and a passion to do the "right thing" is something that the highly paid attorneys in many of our county courthouses seem to be lacking.




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